Digital and In Person Events

We offer the most comprehensive and cost effective events designed around engagement and measurable ROI

Digital Events

Reach the 95% of travel agents who don’t attend large physical trade shows/expos through a live online digital environment powered by virtual engagement.


A unique approach that starts with a limited number of highly qualified and hand selected agents and extends to thousands

Why Digital Events

Social Interactivity

Provide your audience with the most engaging experience incorporating interactive social elements such as group chats, social networking, lounges, live and on-demand webinars, and much more.

Increase Engagement and Brand Awareness

Participating in our digital events drives engagement and brand awareness throughout the year, not just during a single event.

Lead Generation - Analytics & Reporting

Full database of booth visitors - including geographical, annual sales, products sold, industry membership/consortia, and more.

Collateral consumption data

Chat logs

Broader Reach

A wide audience base can be reached, as travel agents enjoy the freedom to attend from a coffee shop, office, or even their own home. Even for those unable to attend the live dates, they can view the content on demand.

Increased Productivity/Time Saving

A great vehicle to extend the reach and engagement of physical shows, at a fraction of the cost...thoughout the entire year!

Digital Events Live and On Demand

Our Branded Digitals Events LIVE and ON DEMAND

Engage Travel Agents Across the Country, Across all of our Branded Events, for less than the Cost of Attending a Single Physical Event.

The Luxury Expo

NOVEMBER 13-14, 2019
APRIL 22-23, 2020
Weddings & Honeymoons Expo

FEBRUARY 5-6, 2020
SEPTEMBER 23-24, 2020
Selling Groups and Multigenerational Family Travel

MARCH 11-12, 2020

JULY 15-16, 2020
Culinary Travel and Tours

OCTOBER 28-29, 2020
The Luxury Expo

Live Event Results from the Luxury Expo

APRIL 24-25, 2019


Total Unique Visitors


Total Webinar Attendees


Total Resources Viewed

Your Own Branded, Custom, Digital Event!

  • Let us design a custom digital expo for your destination or brand helping you reach and engage thousands of travel agents at a fraction of the cost of a standalone physical event
  • We can create a custom event to achieve your specific objective(s):
    • Conferences and trade shows
    • Custom events tied to – product launches, grand openings, and more!
    • Town Hall Events
Thailand Expo

Travel Agents Talk About the Effectiveness of Digital Events to Build their Business, and Yours


What is it?

travForums are customized, in market programs, that leverage a core group of highly qualified travel agents to extend a brand's reach to thousands of other agents and their clients.

Specific insights into a market segment i.e Millennials – both agents and travelers

Feedback on marketing messages and the sponsor’s approach to a specific market segment and it’s effectiveness or lack thereof.

We screen and invite 10-30 highly qualified travel agents to participate in a dynamic, on the ground, multi day experience in a specific destination

The Elements that Make travFORUMS Unique

Social Media Marketing During and After the Forum

Experiences posted real time from agents in attendance and "live from…" broadcasts performed each day are shared across all social media channels. travAlliancemedia extends the reach of those posts across hundreds of thousands of followers. Social media sharing extends for two weeks following the forum’s conclusion

Video on Location

Each participant is filmed for "social media capsules" that can be pushed out across multiple channels. Participant insights and experiences are captured by a video crew. Round table discussions are recorded, and edited be broadcast to the travel industry

Travel Agent Insights

In addition to the round table discussion, a white paper is drafted to summarize the feedback and suggestions made by the attendees.

White paper findings, analysis and conclusions are exclusive to the primary sponsors.

Sales Engagement Sessions

Time can be set aside to allow for additional partners to have private, one on one meetings, with all participants while on location.

Builds relationships and insights that go deeper and last longer than traditional sales calls or trade shows/events.

TravelPulse Webinars

Webinars are one of the most important tools for travel industry marketers to extend their messages to hundreds of agents at once. Our webinars produced in conjunction with, allows you the leverage the most trusted brand in the industry today.

  • Broadcast live from anywhere
  • Engaging and Intuitive User Experience
  • Single-Stream Layout for video and slides
  • Use On Any Device
  • Chat Live with attendees
  • Surveys, Polls, and Q&A
  • Webinars can be accessed on-demand for 12 months
TravelPulse Webinars