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The face of retail travel has changed.

"Recent survey results highlight a dramatic 10-year shift in the travel agency distribution model, with independent contractors leading the way."

Source: The Changing Face of Travel Agents, The Travel Institute, 2018

28% Independent Contractors
71% Storefront Employees
62% Independent Contractors
38% Storefront Employees
of all travel agents are independent contractors, as of December 2017. A 100% increase in less than a decade

A national account approach alone has limited influence on the IC's recommendations to clients.

When IC's across the United States were asked, "How often do you sell preferred suppliers?"

Here's what they said:

I always sell "preferred" suppliers
I sometimes, rarely or never sell "preferred" suppliers

Think you have a current and robust email list of IC's?

According to the Travel Institute, 47% of Independent Contractors have been in the business less than three years, making it a challenge for any supplier to find, let alone engage, these new entrants in a timely fashion.

AGENTatHOME Magazine

AGENTatHOME is the magazine that IC's turn to to build their businesses, and yours


combined print and digital
(Source: BPA print audit Publisher's Statement electronic distribution)

The only magazine that engages the hard to reach IC via sales and marketing content that drives bookings to specific suppliers and destinations

Directly reach and influence Independent Contractors

Travel Agent Academy

Your advertising can be positioned against editorial that's relevant to the IC and your brand (i.e. cruise, resort, tour, specific destination content).

Travel Agent Academy

Editorial features highlight key selling points and marketing ideas from industry experts, brands and destinations.

Directly reach and influence independent contractors via digital marketing

  • Emails

    Reach up to 60,000 opted in independent contractors via stand alone emails

  • Banners

    Banner takeovers of AGENTatHOME content on (Est. 50,000 impressions/week)

  • E-Newsletter Banner Takeovers

    (1x/week to 60,000 opt-ins)

AGENTatHOME Community

Online community

The only platform for independent contractors to engage with each other, AGENTatHOME editors and representatives from top travel suppliers and destinations

Travel Agent Academy

AGENTatHOME Community

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Your sales BDM's and managers can now join the community and engage and influence IC's.

Locate and engage independent contractors
Follow independent contractors and be notified of their activity
Engage independent contractors one on one via direct messaging
Independent contractors can follow and engage local reps
Create local MeetUps
and more!